The Everest Files by Matt Dickinson

DickinsonIn the deepest Himalaya a story is spreading like wildfire.  A story of an Everest expedition unlike any other.  An expedition that ended with mysterious disappearances … and death.  This is the mystery that eighteen year old Ryan Hart sets out to solve.  Ryan is on a gap year adventure, working for a medical charity in Nepal.  When a local girl begs him to investigate why her sixteen year old friend Kami never came back from Everest, Ryan cannot resist the challenge.  A solo journey takes Ryan deep into the mountains where his detective work finally pays off.  What emerges is a shocking  tale of lies, betrayal and obsession.  All played out on the lethal slopes of the highest mountain in the world.

Blurb from the 2014 edition by Vertebrate Publishing.



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  1. This book could have kept me reading all night it was so exciting. Ryan Hart, a student volunteer on his gap year helps a girl called Sheerya find her long lost friend, Kami, a 16 year old sherpa. Kami embarks on an adventure up Everest to pay back a marriage pact but gets tangled up in all sorts of problems along the way. The Everest Files describes the struggle and fears of the climbers very well and the unpleasant things about Everest, such as bodies of dead climbers. I would rate it 4/5.

  2. Wow! There are some incredibly rich creative posts here for my book ‘The Everest Files’ ! I am truly honoured. Particular thanks to the film maker , musician and cake makers who have gone to such effort. Brilliant!

  3. It’s such a good book. I really liked this book. I rate it 5 out of 5. It’s full of actions and it is a breath taking piece of work. You really should read it.

  4. Matt Dickinson’s ‘The Everest Files’ is a fantastic read. It is based around an 18 year old boy named Ryan Hart on an epic quest through the Himalayas to uncover the truth. It picks you up and tears you through the book’s pages into the world of the mountain’s heights. An immersive and highly interesting book. Incredible!

  5. The Everest Files is a thrilling adventure based on the author’s true life experience on climbing Everest. The book is a thrilling and exciting read. It’s about a young sherpa called Kami who’s climbing Everest on an expedition. The expedition goes disastrously wrong and Kami may not get off the mountain alive…
    If you’re over 10 I would recommend this book to you, particularly if you enjoyed reading Chris Ryan and Bear Grylls’ books.

  6. Everest Files is a thrilling adventure based on true life experience. As the author has climbed Mt Everest he can describe it so well it makes you feel like you’re climbing with Kami on the expedition. The expedition Kami is on goes disastrously wrong, making the book thrilling and exciting. He faces death many a time on this catastrophic expedition. I would recommend this book to people older than 10 who liked Chris Ryan and Bear Gryllls books.

  7. Anahad from Royal Russell says :

    I’m reading a book. The books name is ‘The Everest file’. The author of this lovely book is Matt Dickinson. This Book is absolutely extravagant and really lovely to read. The book is about a missing teenager climber. The Teenager is a girl. Her name is Kami who gets lost in the Everest mountain. The book is very nice. I would recommend it only for the really good readers as it has lots of pages in it. I would also recommend the book as its thrilling.

  8. Sam
    I really liked this action packed adventure of mount Everest. I thought that it was a great book, and that it was very exciting and sad at some points.
    one of my favorites ever and it really brings the mountain to life.

  9. I thought the everest files was a mysterious and extremely powerful book. The Sherpa who’s viewpoint is being read, is called Kami and he is in love with a girl in his local village called Shreera. A few years later, a boy on his gap year comes across Kami…
    The everest files is a quite grown up book, anyone out there who isn’t older than 11, i would not recommend the book to you.

  10. Joe M Year 7
    Everest Files was breathtakingly intense from beginning to end. It was filled with so much energy and excitement. The author Matt Dickinson really has shown what it’s like to climb Everest, he has filled the book with so much description (but not too much description so that it’s completely boring) but enough to know what a nightmare it is to climb Mount Everest. The Mountain seems like hell – with avalanches to bury you in snow, winds to blow you off the mountain, frostbite for your toes to fall off, glaciers to fall into, icicles to fall and impale you. Everest is one place I never want to go!

  11. I found myself willing for the expedition to succeed and return safely, as it got tense though out this period. Matt Dickinson describes the landscape and its gruelling challenges with a conviction that only someone who has climbed Everest could describe; he includes small details such as the effect of altitude sickness on clear decision making which made me (who knows nothing about climbing) completely believe in the story. I would recommended for anyone who likes adventure books and to those who like to see other cultures in their reading! (Adam Y7)

  12. The Everest Files is a outstanding book! The suspense and the drama really make want to read more. The detail of Everest was amazing and really put the words to life on each page. Even know I dragged in the middle of different of different stages of the book this is probably the best book so far by Matt Dickenson.


  13. this book is very intriguing because it is very interesting to know what it is like to be up Everest. I could probably read it all day it was that good! I think it will inspire people to go up everest

  14. The Everest Files was one of my favourite books. If your looking for a book that has suspense, drama, betrayal, mystery and a jam pact adventure to the top of the peak of the world, this is the book. 5 out of 5 from me.

  15. Last week the Library and English Department made a joint presentation to two assemblies about the Junior Awards. This involved a reading competition to climb up Everest and was followed later in the week by inspirational talks by Matt Dickinson. Hoping to ascend to new heights in this year’s TBSA!

  16. I thought that the Everest Files was a good book, I liked the plot and the way Matt Dickinson described the characters. There was lots of drama and suspense, however I thought that sometimes that some detail was lost and the plot could have had more description. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 and recommend it to people who like suspense, drama and a cracking adventure.

  17. I thought that the Everest Files was a good book, I liked the plot and the way Matt Dickinson described the characters. There was lots of drama and suspense, however I thought that sometimes that some detail was lost and the plot could have had more description. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 and recommend it to people who like suspense, drama and a cracking adventure.

  18. I think that ‘The Everest Files’ is a very good book and packed with mystery. The author, Matt Dickinson, has created a brilliant piece of literature, especially the ending, where Ryan cannot resist the feeling to see the Mount Everest.
    The story is full of suspense, built up by incidents which are made up of lies, betrayal and obsession.
    I would definitely recommend this book to a friend, especially someone who is into mystery.

  19. Ever thought about what it’s like to be a sherpa? In this book I realised what it really was like climbing Everest but through the eyes of the people who are viewed as pack horses. You will feel like you are on the colossal slopes of the mountain, freezing as the storm swirls around you. The best book I have ever read!

  20. The Everest Files is a shockingly well described book about a dangerous climb an the struggle to survive on Mt Everest. This book offers an almost proper reality of what is up on such a high mountain by a Sherpa’s viewpoint.
    The Everest Files have more to offer to you than I can describe, as it shows you what kind of people are out there and willing to do anything – even cheat, because of greed.

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