English Passengers by Matthew Kneale

KnealeIt is 1857 and the Reverend Geoffrey Wilson has set out for Tasmania, hoping to find the true site of the Garden of Eden.  But the journey is turning out to be less than straightforward – dissent is growing between him and sinister racial-theorist Dr Potter, and, unknown to both, the ship that they have hurriedly chartered is in fact a Manx smuggling vessel, fleeing British Customs.  In Tasmania the aboriginal people have been fighting a desperate battle against British invaders, and, as the passengers will discover, the island is now far from being an earthly paradise …

Blurb taken from the 2001 edition published by Penguin


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  1. This book by Matthew Kneale is a thrilling tale of a vicar’s quest to find the Garden of Eden. He decides it is in Tasmania and gathers a small, dubious crew for his expedition. When the Captain of his expedition is sent to India, the vicar hastily charters another ship, which turns out to be a Manx smuggling vessel. The content of the book is the tale of what goes on during the expedition and it is enthralling.

    By Alex
    Year 8

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