The Arrival by Shaun Tan

7 thoughts on “The Arrival by Shaun Tan

  1. Barney in Year 7 writes

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book due to the fact that it allows the reader more freedom in deciding what is going on in the protagonist’s story. The storyline, for me, was at some points heartwarming. I would recommend this to readers who want a book that describes a journey.

  2. Lauren 8S –
    I really enjoyed this book although at first I found it confusing.this book shows the struggles of a person from another country better than any other book I’ve read on the topic of immigration.

  3. Scarlett – 8Q

    I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was amazing how much time and effort they would have put in to create those amazing drawings. I think it was about a man who needs to leave his family and is in a world where there are weird animals. At the end he manages to get back to his family which is very nice. I recommend this book and I’m sure everyone would love all the incredible drawings.

  4. Emilie 8Q

    I loved reading this book! It has no words so you have to make sense of the story by using the pictures.

    I think the book is about a man who has to leave his family for job purposes. He moves into a different city, where there a weird but oddly cute animals around which are often peoples pets. They also have weirdly designed and shaped vegetables/foods. He gets many labels put onto him when he first arrives.

    Near the end of the book large people come into the city and start spreading a gas around it. The city starts to be set fire to. So, the man and his new friends hide down a drainage pipe which has no water in it. There are many rooms in the tunnel as well.

    He manages to find his way back to his family, and makes many pieces of origami for his family.
    Overall I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys figuring out things on their own or just prefer picture books.

  5. Tulsi 8Q

    I really love this book. It is amazingly illustrated and is very emotional. It takes time to understand it and acknowledge how beautiful the book is. Shaun Tan really made a special book that should be read. It describes the pain of leaving your family to a completely new world to in the end, rejoining and the happiness of knowing you would see them again.

  6. Beatifully illustrated picture book.
    ★★★★★ 5/5

    At first I was doubtful about reading this book because I thought that it would be difficult to understand. But the illustrations were so beautiful and so detailed that this was not a problem in the end. What I love about this picture book is that anyone who reads it will make a different story in their head.

    From my view of the story, I saw a man who had to leave his family and go to a different land. On his journey, he met many other people who each had a similar story of their own. He also made a new friend (an adorable little animal!) who helped him along the way. I would not like to say too much about my story however as I encourage you to read it so that you can make your own story from it. I also hope that will take your time to appreciate the incredible drawings as you read.

  7. Tayah-8Q

    This book is beautifully illustrated. Through drawings Shaun Tan expresses the feelings that his character faces as he moves away from his wife and daughter and immigrates to a new country (or at least that what I think happens). All through the book you also see memories of others that he meets bringing your thoughts of his world to a better understanding. He is able to learn how to live in the new environment with the help of the people around him and his strange pet.
    This is an uplifting book as well as being able to make you cry. To anyone who is thinking of reading this book I would extremely recommend. I loved it.

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