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Mortal Engines


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  1. When you read about Shrike, you just know that he will obtain a place on your list of worst nightmares! Green eyes and ultra-red light vision make him your number one enemy. The author (Philip Reeve) creates a tense, detailed plot and well-laid-out scenes/chapters. He has started the story with a mystery and has built up the tension rapidly to end with a bang.

  2. Set in a corrupted, everyone-for-themselves world, ‘Mortal Engines’ is centred on a boy named Tom, who ends up as a hero. Full of suspense, sadness and sheer determination, this book has all the content to fill the hungriest of cities. Each page transports you into a new horror in this futuristic world – a world that has its own special hero….and its own extraordinary villain. Ever wondered what the earth would be like in a century’s time? Read this book to find out…

  3. Mortal Engines
    Mortal engines is set in the future where towns and cities are mechanical and they move around on wheels. The big cities eat the small cities, the small cities eat the towns, and the towns eat the villages. The story is based around the city of London, and the nice people become evil, and the evil become nice I think some of the characters are fascinating and amazing inventions. I thought it was a cleverly made book that makes you feel the emotions and feelings of what the characters are feeling. This really draws you in. A great read and a book that I really enjoyed. I would give it 5 stars because it makes you want to read on and find out what happens next

  4. This is a breath-taking, horrifying thriller that can suck a reader in within a few sentences. It is set in a distant future, where cities and big towns, rolling on wheels, hunt down any smaller town and strip its resources. It is about a young Historian’s apprentice called Thomas Natsworthy that gets chucked out of London, a traction city or top predator. He meets an attempted murderer called Hester Shaw whose horrific facial scar holds the key to her desire for revenge. She takes him on an adventure; however, this girl is being tracked down by an evil mechanical assassin. This machine has unbelievable skills and could kill you in the blink of an eye. Even though he is a robot, he is driven by a strange emotion, to achieve his heart’s desire……It is certainly a book that I would recommend.

  5. This is a book that makes the reader get hooked into it because it is so amazing in the first few chapters. It is a gripping, sometimes scary book, but worth the read. It is set in the future where cities are cannibals and eat each other! It starts off with a young apprentice (called Thomas Natsworthy) who befriends a girl (called Hester Shaw). However, things take twist for the worse when, after escaping from the traction-city London, they get hunted down by a cyborg named Shrike. A thrilling chase ensues and the ending will leave you with something completely unexpected. The book is jam-packed with detail and you can almost feel the characters’ emotions. It is simultaneously a fun adventure novel and also a dark, mysterious book. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves an adventure and fast-paced action. This book is honestly the best book I have ever read. And because of that, I cannot wait to read the remaining three books in ‘The Mortal Engines Quartet’; I love it!

  6. My favourite person in ‘Mortal Engines’ was Shrike the Stalker. I think the writer described extremely well because everything Shrike did was easy to picture when I read about him. He has a strange personality though. For example, he is obsessed about Hester Shaw but he is on a mission to kill her. Later you find out that he only wants her dead so…… but that would be spoiling the story. I really like this book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes action and adventure books.

  7. It’s an amazing book. It catches your mind in it’s net of pages. Plus, that’s only the first page. It is an breathtaking piece of work. I recommend reading this book. If I had to rate this out of 10 and 0 was speachlessly terrible and 10 was speachlessly amazing, it would be a 10. I don’t know who wouldn’t rate lower than this.

  8. Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve
    I really enjoyed this book – when reading it, it almost felt like I was in an online gaming world. The imagery was so descriptive and so inventive I could imagine the giant rolling traction-cities. It was all set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world and our own London town seen in a totally different way. The characters are gripping and interesting and again I could almost imagine them appearing as cyborg characters in an online game!

  9. This is a very interesting book, It’s so different from all other books. Its so exciting and only gets more exciting as you read on, the character Shrike in this book is so unique and I like the way he is half robot. This is defiantly a must-read book. You will be on the edge of your seat till the very last word.

  10. Mortal engines is a fast paced book almost from the instant it starts. A lot of the stories characters turn different to what you would expect them to be like. The thought of municipal Darwinism was at first a fair way of going about, even though there were some obvious flaws in this I could not think of a different way to do things. By the end of the book I realised it was a very stupid thing to do. All in all I though the book was a great action filled book.

  11. A gripping, sometimes frightening, and bizarre book, bristling with life. It is set in a post apocalyptic future where cities are mounted on giant wheels which propel them towards anything which rolls in their way. It occurs when a young Historian’s apprentice named Tom Natsworthy meets a mysterious assassin and attempts to seek out a living in the bare track marks of his traction-city home. However, he is being hunted down every step of the way, and soon he finds himself in mortal danger! This book is full of imagery and realistic scenarios, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in it, be warned, you will probably end up buying the rest of the series. A 5 stars from me!

  12. Mortal Engines is about a boy named Tom who is thrown out of London, which is a ‘traction city’. He desperately tries to get back into London, while being hunted down by a cyborg.
    I loved this book because it was unpredictable, exciting and different. However it was a bit dark towards the end and I felt that too many people died. I would still highly recommend it.

  13. Velican says
    This book started out confusing for me, moving cities and cities eating other cities? Slowly I started to understand it though the more i got pulled in to the lore. I feel like this book has an amazing story but you get thrown into the deep end having to guess what’s happening at the very start so because of that 4 stars

  14. I really enjoyed this book. It was so mysterious and the story took so many unexpected turns, you almost lose yourself in the fantasy of this new world.

  15. This book is set in the future and I found it really exciting. It is about London in the future and towns and cities are on wheels and eat each other to survive. It is a thrilling adventure story but it is a bit sinister.

  16. Tom says:
    Is a 5 out of 5 for me. It started quite slow but a few chapters in it slowly got better and better. The book itself was alive with electricity! Definitely recommend it.

  17. This book is not the best one I’d recommend to any children who loves reading interesting books. It takes a lot of chapters to actually get into the fun parts.

  18. A great read.I would definitely recommend it. 5 stars. Phillip Reeve is an amazing writer. I could never predict what was going to happen next! I particularly liked Tom.
    Hilarious to see him struggling to understand the concept of non-traction cities.

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