Not If I See You First


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16 thoughts on “Not If I See You First

  1. This book is excellent because Eric Lindstorm creates a vivid description on how a blind girl would recognize the world. He lists the advantages of being blind and the disadvantages of being blind. I would recommend this to everyone to read.

  2. I didn`t really enjoy this book at first as I didn`t understand it however as it went on I started to get the hang of, as in I understood. It was quite sad that there was a blind person I felt as if I was him because they told his feelings. So overall I thought that this was a very good book and I enjoyed it a lot. It is a good book Eric Lindstrom.

  3. This book was interesting as I saw life from the perspective of a blind person. There was a bit of swearing in the book but I didn’t mind. Read this great book today!

  4. NOT IF I SEE YOU FIRST is a book about a teenage girl who is blinded in a car crash. the book is a heart wrenching read and is a very sad story

  5. Not if I See You First is a modern classic, first seeming to be a simple story of a teenage girl’s life before the author reveals the truth: the main character is blind. It tells of her struggles, made worse by her inability to see. Nevertheless, she manages to power through it all. Through all the twists and turns, ups and down, Not If I See You First is a book that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

  6. It was a deeply touching book, with lots of interest, but unfortunately the main character’s emotional state was at points hard to get in touch with. A well-thought out, interesting book though. I definitely enjoyed it.

  7. i really enjoyed this book. it tackled problems Parker encounters in every day life and the problems that arise from being blind. It is often talking about quite serious issues with a joke. this lightens the mood of the book and shows that thinks we think of as being bad maybe aren’t as bad as they seem. it was a rollercoster of emotions and i would give it 8/10

  8. This book sent me through whirlwinds of emotion and suspense. And because of that I absolutely loved this book

  9. I found Not If I See You First a very emotional book because Parker went through love and hatred. One of the things I didn’t like about the book is that Parker had these “rules” which I think were unnecessary to the story e.g. “don’t help me unless I ask. Otherwise you’re just getting in my way or bothering me.” Overall, I would give this book an 8/10.

  10. I liked this book, however at times it could be very confusing and Parker became really upset over small things which didn’t really matter. I thought Parker was a very emotional figure which was understandable because she was blind. I really like the plot but it took a long time for the story to drag out. Overall I would rate this book 5/10. It was enjoyable but confusing.

  11. It took a while to get into the book but once I read the first chapter I started to enjoy much better, it also made me fell the way a blind person feels

  12. It was really hard to understand at the start. There was also a bit of swearing in the book, but it was rare. It was good to see a blind persons perspective. It wasn’t the best book I have ever read.

  13. My name is Ludo

    I found this book as a big reflection of the difficulties of being blind, going through every day teen-age drama with a small twist. I found the book really intriguing and i could’t put it down. Overall, I’d give it a 8/10

  14. This book introduced me to a new way of thinking about blindness. It was quite hard to understand the book but emphasised that being blind doesn’t always prevent people. My favourite quote from the book was ‘Don’t feel sorry for me, my scenery doesn’t change but neither does yours, apart from new faces and different cars.’

  15. I think that this gave a different view of but I really enjoyed it. At some points, it was hard to understand what was happening.

  16. Once I got into this book I did enjoy it, but I found it hard work. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but it is a very interesting perspective of being blind.

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