Nowhere on Earth – Nick Lake

4 thoughts on “Nowhere on Earth – Nick Lake

  1. I think this is a brilliant book and I felt like I was in it as well it makes you feel connected to the characters as well as hatred to some. By putting them in danger it helps you understand their different personalities. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to be on the edge on their seat and likes to have a little non fiction spin on a heart-touching story

  2. I really enjoyed Nowhere on Earth. Although it’s not a comedy book it really made me laugh at points. For example when a bear kills the hunter and then starts treating Aiden like its cub, it was so unexpected that it actually made me laugh. And that was one of the things that really enticed me and really made me want to read on was all the unexpected twists and turns that none could predict. Another thing that I loved was the depiction of the aliens! It wasn’t your normal small green gooey thing but they were tall and dark and i thought that was really interesting. My favourite part was when they made pancakes out of almost nothing. I would rate this book five stars and really recommend this book to everyone who loves a good book, especially people who like sci-fi and adventure stories.

  3. Nowhere on Earth is a brilliant book packed with surprise twists and turns. While the events of the book are unpredictable, the characters add a level of steadiness that made it easier to navigate the different parts of the story. I particularly loved the relationship between Emily, Aiden and Bob, and the way that Emily steps up into a more adult role as the three of them attempt to survive the wilderness. There was plenty of action between the quieter moments, and some shocking twists that kept me on my toes – definitely a book to recommend for those who enjoy adventure, action, and a little sci fi!

  4. It took me a while to get into this book and I thought it was a bit strange but then I read on and began to really enjoy it. Give it a chance and I guarantee you will enjoy it too.

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