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  1. Tamar is extremely well written and descriptive book with a parallel story that entwine wine each other very well. The beginning even though slow to start was very enticing and made me keep reading and I am very glad I carried on. It shows that the Nazis weren’t your only enemy especially in the life of a spy. What I enjoyed the most is dramatic and unexpected twist in the end and I still can’t decide if it was for the better or worst

  2. Comment on the book so far.

    Tamar is extremely well written and descriptive but it s slightly slow to start with. I have only read a bit but the book looks promising.

    I liked the suspense and the plot. The first chapter is very gripping and the cliff hanger makes you want to read on. The story of Tamar really informs you about what life being a spy is like.

    I didn’t like the slowness of the story. There are some bits in the story which are not needed that make the story even more slow. However, that is the only bad point so far.

  3. Tamar is a highly engaging, thought-provoking book on the war that shows you that there is no straight black and white book stating that all of these people are ‘good’ and all those ‘bad’. The structure is worthy of such a trail of breadcrumbs, jumping back and forth through two generations. The facade of bravado on the resisting forces, and the hate and clumsiness that lay behind shocked me, as the blundering ducth doomed so many of their own through a terrible mistake. Without ruining the book for those who have not read it, the story trails and snaps through the lifelines of a drunken dutch patriot, a hero of the british intelligence agency, a faithful farmgirl maiden, a signal transmitter taken by hate, a family whose lives they risk by accommodating the spies, a doctor taking care of, among others, a lady and her angels, and a teenage girl and boy, following in the footsteps of the most incredible war story ever told. Tamar – love and hate, trust and betrayal, despair and hope.

  4. I have really enoyed this book so far. I really like that this book is set in Holland and not in England like some other books these days. I really like how this books is set for two stories in one and links together. I find it really cool and so far I enjoy this book.

  5. I really liked the book Tamar although by the end I was confused as to why this was defined as a children/teenage book, aside from the age of the protagonist. I loved the split in time between the two Tamars, slowly discovering their different twists and turns – and I loved the revelation about the identities of Dart and Tamar; I didn’t see it coming at all!

  6. Tamar is a very good and elaborate book with lots of thought put through it. The only thing that deterred me from this book was that the beginning 10 pages were very adventurous for me but then the next few pages made me feel like the book had too much thought in it. This feels like Tamar is ranged for people slightly above my age. All in all I believe this book is very interesting with a very elaborate turning point.

  7. I liked the beginning of Tamar, with Tamar and Dart in war-stricken Britain, but I found the beginning of their life in Occupied Netherlands hard to deal with, as it was hard to really get into. However, after they shot up the General’s car, the plot started to flow more easily for me and I really started to enjoy the book.

    As for the story set in 1995…. I liked the beginning when they talked about Tamar’s life in England and her GCSE’s, but I found her relationship with Yoyo slightly too complex and I didn’t catch on until after they had set out for Devon. I didn’t really understand the parts where they were exploring the River Tamar, though I did like how Mal Peet put doubt into the reader’s mind when they met Trixie and Rosa, and especially Dart’s plot and the big reveal at the end.

    Overall, I think it was a very good book once it really got started, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
    I would give it 9/10

  8. This book did take me a while to get into and isn’t the type of book that I would usually read but I have got to say that I am glad that I did carry on. I like the way that the story was set across two generations which is a syle that I don’t come across too often. It was well written and the suspense was continued throughout. I would advise anyone reading this book to please persevere with it because although the begining might not make it seem like your type of book but it soon will be!

  9. I loved this book – the setting in Holland brought to life the experience – the cold and especially the hunger – of Occupation and Resistance for everyday people, as well as the tension mingled with boredom for wireless operators like Dart. The author’s clever telling of the story, with mysteries and gradual revelations for the characters 50 years apart added layers of suspense. I found myself getting frustrated and intrigued along with the younger Tamar. Most of all, the human story of jealousy and betrayal, and its far-reaching consequences, made a lasting impression. A compelling read.

  10. A well written book that carried me along with the characters. The two parallel stories worked together and I found myself really worrying about what became of the resistance fighters in Holland. I would highly recommend this book.

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