The Day of the Triffids

Day of the Triffids +

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3 thoughts on “The Day of the Triffids

  1. I thought that this was a very interesting book. I started to understand it early in this book. John Wyndham’s book are normally amazing but I enjoyed this one the most out of the others I have read.

  2. This book was very interesting. The Triffids were an unusual monster, which really felt real, with a system of life that is certainly very interesting. The ‘hard to believe’ side was surprisingly believable, largely because multiple things were left somewhat unexplained. The way that multiple options for society were so neatly planned out and explored made the book feel deep and clever.
    Having read “the Chrysalids” I am well accustomed to John Wyndham’s style, but this was still very fresh feeling. Over all, I would recommend this and indeed any other book by John Wyndham to anyone who wants a good read. That said, Day of the Triffids is more interesting than the Chrysalids because it feels much more realistic (Wyndham has a good grasp of how societies develop, but in the Chrysalids he gets into his head that after an apocalypse everyone becomes Christian and thinks that they are part of a small group of ‘God’s chosen’).

  3. This was a book that had been on my “I really must get around to reading this” pile forever, so thanks to TSBA I did. I was worried about it and thought that it would have a really miserable ending so I did a terrible thing and read the last chapter first. (Not something I do normally.)

    I really enjoyed it and felt that the descriptions of London in the 1950s were really interesting and the triffids were not as terrifying as I thought that they could be. It was a very enjoyable book.

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