Step Aboard – the Universe is Waiting.
The Great Network is a place of drones and androids, Hive Monks and Station Angels. The place of the thousand gates, where sentient trains criss-cross the galaxy in a heartbeat.
It is also a place of great dangers – especially for someone who rides the rails and rides his luck the way Zen Starling does.
Once Zen was just a petty thief, stealing to support his family and living by his wits. Now everything has changed. Zen is still a thief – but it could be that the key to the whole universe rests on finding out what else he is . . .

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15 thoughts on “Railhead

  1. This book makes you jump with excitement with every plot twist and exciting events. This book is very futuristic and is full of suspense and lots of sad moments. Some moments may be confusing but is explained afterwards.

  2. I think that the book was taking us on a journey through Zen’s head… While he’s working out who he really is, he’s joined forces with an evil mastermind! After a bit of ‘turbulence’, Zen must now rescue his robot accomplice, but without anyone knowing who he really is…?

  3. I finished this book and it left me wanting to read the sequel… With all the action, I was surprised that they could fit that much emotion in! I absolutely recommend this to everyone, I even used it for my English homework…

  4. I just started reading this a few days ago, and I haven’t been able to put it down since. It’s gripping from the first page, and I definately recommend it! This book is a little confusing at first, with the travelling from planets and all… but after a few minutes, you won’t be able to put it down…!

  5. This is an exciting adventure about a boy called Zen Starling, set in the future. I am looking forward to reading the sequel, Black Light Express.

  6. I think rail head is a great book for all ages, from 8 to 80. The plot of the story is filled with many emotions. All the characters are almost perfect and its a book that every child should read. However the reason that I rated it 4 not 5 stars was that at sometimes the plot got a little confusing and went a bit off track. But from the first page I felt obliged to finish the whole book straight away. Overall its an amazing book that definitely earned itself a place on the TBSA.

  7. The Great Network is a place of wonder and mystery. Beautiful locomotives and drones. Station angels, hive monks and mischevious boys just like Zen. The maze of a million gates, where trains whizz through the galaxy in a heartbeat. This complex maze links hundreds of rich and varied world, each one different from the other.
    The story follows Zen, a street urchin on the bottom rungs of society, barely able to support his family. Soon he becomes entangled with a shady master criminal, Raven, who sends Zen and Nova on a mission and has a sinister plan for the Network…
    This book is full of inventive concepts and intriguing ideas and I was driven to keep reading. There’s an alien species called hive monks, who worship the “Insect Lines”, a set of railway lines beyond the network. These compelling sci-fi concepts make Railhead such an original and captivating book.
    The characters are vivid and believable. Zen is a prejudiced likable petty thief who is desperately trying to break free from his poverty-stricken lifestyle. Nova, a female Moto and Raven, a mix between an anti-hero and a villain, you decide.
    Overall, I absolutely loved this book. I recommend it for children aged between 11-14. Filled with twists and turns, amazing description and lovable characters; you are gripped from the beginning. Will Zen complete Raven’s robbery and be able to ride on his beloved intergalactic trains once again? Read this incredible book to find out!

  8. A truly sensational thriller, making you grip the book even harder with every chapter. By the end of the book, your knuckles are white!

  9. I really enjoyed this book more than Mortal Engines. I was gripped with the plot and the characters. Zen Starling, Hive Monks and Station Angels. A thrilling adventure story set in a fantasy world, it is a great book. I can’t wait to see what happens in part two Black Light Express…

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