There Will Be Lies


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24 thoughts on “There Will Be Lies

  1. This book is incredible. It is full of twisting plots and very suspenseful moments.
    I recommend this book to all ages.

  2. The Author was successful in making me feel really connected with this book.
    I understood Shelby Jane Coopers anger towards her Mum being too scared to let her go to college, however, it’s a natural instinct for a parent to want to protect their child. It’s clear that Shelby is torn between wanting to be free to live a normal life and the isolated life she has grown up living.

  3. This book is absolutely amazing and although it is called “There Will Be Lies” that statement WAS NOT A LIE. The truth that Shelby Cooper must find is wrapped up and is like the core parcel in pass the parcel and each layer of wrapping represents a lie. Will the truth be as light and small as it seems? In order to anticipate what will happen in the real world Shelby enters the Dreaming where she meets Coyote, who is older than the world and stars, on her journey to save the child. After Shelby gets hit by a car Shelby and her mother, Shaylene Cooper, become wanted and are constantly on the run. Shelby now has nothing but the lies that her mother feeds her. Who should she trust…

  4. There Will be Lies is a book about a girl, Shelby, who discovers that she has been lied to. In order to find the truth she must discover exactly what the lies are. This book is full of suspense, as Shelby discovers the truth she finds that her life starts to unravel…

  5. And then there will be the truth…
    I really enjoyed this book. It starts with a 17 year girl called Shelby who has an overprotective mother and longs to see the world outside her city, but one day her dream becomes a reality…
    This book was really enjoyable with many twists and turns which will grip you till the end.

  6. It took me a little while to become hooked by this book but then I was completely gripped. There are lots of plot twists to keep you guessing but this is really a coming of age novel – learning to trust and value yourself, and to understand and forgive other people their faults.

  7. I have two different feelings about this book. First one, it is a bit weird and confusing the way she goes to a non-existing world. Secondly, it is very unique, interesting and enjoyable because of all the suspense and lies. Overall, I am very pleased with the book and have found it very exhilarating.

  8. i found there will be lies a gripping book with twists and turns around every corner. i always thought i know what was going to happen but then a new surprise made me question every thing that happened so far. trying to work out the lies from the truth was a great part of the book and it kept me thinking about the book for ages after i had put it down. i love the way it balances Shelby’s real life problems and her troubles in the dream world. it makes a good contrast and things from the real wold often seep into the real world and vice verse making it even harder to untangle the web of lies. i give this book 8/10

  9. This book is very action-packed and fast paced. It’s about a girl who has a very regular routine but then something happens that changes everything and the girl and her mother have to run away. The story keeps you guessing all the way and although it is fantasy, parts of it are very believable. This story has very good tense scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way. The only reason that I rated this book 4 stars instead of 5 is because there are quite a few swear words throughout the book though they don’t ruin the plot. All in all, this book has a great plot and you won’t be able to stop reading it!

  10. At first I wasn’t so sure about this book due to it being quite a quick introduction when suddenly it puts out when she got on the road. But overall I thought that this was an absolutely great book and also really gripping. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes thriller books. Well done Nick Lake!!!

  11. There will be lies is a great book.I had really mixed feelings about this book and I think it’s because the story was split into two distinct parts, one based in the real world and one based in a surreal alternative reality called the Dreaming World. I loved the components in the real world; it was a fast paced psychological thriller with a myriad of plot twists, a likeable and relatable main character and was written in a distinct style that I found really pleasing to read.

  12. This book was great. After 10 pages I did stop reading it since the beginning seemed boring but after a while it got very interesting.

  13. Nick Lake is a renowned author and has written a few books including Whisper to Me, Hostage Three, the Blood Ninja series and In Darkness.
    “There will be Lies” is a fantasy story about Angelica Watson who goes through a lot of ordeals during her childhood, such as being kidnapped when she was a new-born and meeting with an accident that gave her a permanent disability.
    When Angelica is kidnapped, she mistakes her kidnapper, Shaylene Cooper for her mother. Angelica is renamed Shelby Cooper to conceal her identity. Shelby is home schooled by Shaylene to keep her out of public eye. It is book with two stories merged together – one in the real world that we see and one that only exists in Angelica’s sub-conscious state. It shows the wild sub-conscious mind of a person when they dream and how a story from there means so much to her.
    My favourite character was Angelica, because she slips into her sub-conscious world at unexpected times which is funny for the people around her as well as the reader. I also admire the fact that she was very good at baseball despite her disability.
    Nick Lake has constantly kept the reader guessing with unexpected turns in the plot and abrupt halts to the story. Examples of this include the times when the setting changes.
    The characters in this story mostly feel real. The author has used real world characters such as eagles, elks and coyotes but has personified then with human characteristics like being able to talk. There are other characters such as Shaylene Cooper, Angelica’s biological mother and Angelica’s biological brother. The people in this story have been created from the real world and have been transformed to be a part of the novel. However, there are a couple of elements that are clearly not but surprise you when they are revealed.
    My favourite part is when Angelica outsmarts a crone to free herself from a forest as it shows the “Sherlock Holmes” inside her and her power to deduce things at a rapid pace. It is also amazing that even with a permanent disability she can play the batting part of baseball very well.
    At times, the story went on for a bit too long and made it slightly boring. Also, there were too many characters for one to cope with which complicates the story.
    All in all, this is a real page turner and a very gripping book that Nick Lake has written. It makes you experience the rollercoaster of plot twists and turns and abrupt cliff-hangers at the end of chapter. People who like adventure, fantasy and multi-storyline books should read this. At times, the story gets complicated so I recommend this to older readers. This story is comparable to the “Kane Chronicles” as both have different stories within them. In the Kane Chronicles, it has two narrators whereas in “There Will be Lies” there are two different settings.
    I give this book a 5* rating!

  14. This was a brilliant read. It was a fast paced thriller by Nick Lake about Shelby. This story was split in two… the Dreamworld and the real world. She has two cope with two lies… and then the truth, the hardest of all. How does she cope when she realises that her life was a lie? Read the book to find out…………

  15. I was unsure of this to start with but I was soon hooked into the plot. The story had twists and turns, it kept me gripped. I would recommend it – if you like thrillers this is a book for you.

  16. Nathan says:

    I really loved this book and couldn’t put it down in my free time. the only thing I could say I didn’t like about this book was the fact there were no speech marks, in the real world all the speech was in italics, however in the alternate Dreaming world, they weren’t, so I sometimes got confused on whether the text was speech or narrative. nonetheless this book was amazing and I would definitely recommend it.

  17. I found this book quite interesting. It was quite hard to get into but I preferred the first and last part to the middle part.

  18. I had mixed feelings about this book. I think mainly because it was set in two worlds or dimensions. It really captivated me gripping me till the end with crazy plot twists which left you wondering what was a lie and what was the truth. It was set in modern day America and a land called the Dreaming, forever keeping you guessing if it was real or in her head. The main character Shelby, is really likeable and a relatable character. I preferred the modern day world as it was full of twists and turns and exciting events and I really recommend it.

  19. An interesting book with characters that fail the story.
    This book is delivered excellently, the author bringing you to feel what Shelby feels using a carefully conceived style that toys with your emotions. However, leser characters in the story such as Mark are completely underdeveloped and fail to deliver the sense of mystery that the author seemed to be grasping at. The dreaming is tiresome at first, falling into the clichéd slipping back and forth between worlds but as the story progresses you find it becoming more enveloping and near the FBI raid becomes largely more interesting than that of the shenanigans of the real world.
    It could have been a modern classic if only for a day editing the development. If a definitive version surfaces than I will be more than happy to purchase.

    written by jackson, also available on

  20. There Will Be Lies is a thoughtful book with amazing plot twists and interesting reference to North American Folkore. Although I really enjoyed the story I found the Dreaming slightly surreal and the the knife travelling to and fro the dreaming because it did nothing which was strange. From the beginning I felt that the girl was going to kill the Crone and save the child in the Dreaming because most Native tales end up well. I enjoyed the running away from home at the beginning but it started to get a bit extreme and hard to believe near the end when the CIA save her and arrest Shelby. On the other hand, I did find the concealment of her deafness very subtle and well hidden.

  21. There Will Be Lies is a fantastic book. It has a really gripping plot and lots of twists and turns, all of which are very unpredictable. Shelby, the main character, is great. She is interesting and likeable, and is an engaging narrator. Shelby is deaf, and this is only mentioned about a fifth of the way though, however when I reread it, the clues were there from the beginning. The fact that Shelby is deaf does lead some of the plot points, but it does not drive the entire story, which I think is really good. The book has two parts, one set in south-eastern United States, and the other set in the dreaming, an imaginary world. I personally preferred the real world part of the book, and I felt that the dreaming distracted from the central plot of There Will Be Lies. However the dreaming and the real world do complement each over and tie two locations help create suspense and cliff-hangers throughout the book.

  22. Shelby thinks her life is normal. She is homeschooled by her mum (On the days her mum doesn’t work), does homework on the other days and on Friday she goes to the batting cages and the ice cream parlour. Shelby’s mum is incredibly over protective. But Shelby doesn’t mind. She does have reasons to be.
    But Shelby’s life is literally knocked sideways, when she gets knocked over by a car. In the few seconds after her accident, she sees a coyote.
    “There will be two lies, and then there will be Truth”
    The second Shelby is ready to leave hospital, her mum takes her away on a ‘Road Trip’. But Shelby soon discovers not all is at it seems.
    There will be lives is now probably one of my favourite books. After reading it, I just thought “Wow”. Shelby is not your average person (I’m trying so hard for there to be no spoilers, so the writing may be slightly *thinks of the right word* wonky!?), and many people would have trouble writing from her point of view. But not Nick Lake, who made it seem entirely believable. An interesting fact is that, even though the book is set in america, Nick Lake is from England, and I didn’t notice any slips (Although I’m not from America, so feel free to correct me in the comments if you are American and have read the book). There is a bit of something which can only be described as dual dimension. There are two dimensions in the book. This was the first time I have seen dual dimension (once again, if there is a technical name for it, tell me in the comments) and it was pulled off nicely. My only criticism is that I think portraying the as the Crone was harsh, as even though she did bad things, she still loved Shelby. You’ll understand when you read the book.
    I am going to give it a 9/10 and an age rating of 11+

  23. I had really mixed feelings about this book and I think it’s because the story was split into two distinct parts, one based in the real world and one based in a surreal alternative reality called the Dreaming World. I loved the components in the real world; it was a fast paced psychological thriller with a myriad of plot twists, a likeable and relatable main character and was written in a distinct style that I found really pleasing to read.

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