A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby

NewbyIn 1956, Eric Newly sent a fateful cable to his friend Hugh Carless – CAN YOU TRAVEL TO NURISTAN JUNE?  The immediate three-word response, OF COURSE, HUGH, would soon set in motion a legendary journey from Mayfair to Afghanistan, and the mountains of the Hindu Kush, north-east of Kabul.

Inexperienced and woefully ill-prepared, the amateur explorers embarked on a month of adventure and hardship in one of the most beautiful and challenging wildernesses on earth.  With self-deprecating humour, sharp wit and keen observation, A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush made Newby’s reputation as one of the greatest travel writers of all time.

Blurb taken from the 2010 edition published by HarperPress


One thought on “A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby

  1. This was a swashbuckling read, very English in style, dated in a nice way and inspiring to see what wonderful experiences you can have if you are willing to take some risks. It is a gripping read and made me google some of the wild landscapes described. A slow start, but persevere and you could end up with the travel bug !

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