The Knife of Never Letting Go


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13 thoughts on “The Knife of Never Letting Go

  1. I like this book because Miss parlain recommend it to me. this book is thrilling and plotting twists every step of the way. I recommend this book to all ages.

  2. I didn`t enjoy this book at all it was rubbish to start with and then got horrible when it ended. It was very scary book and very deadly in a way. I wouldn`t reccomened this book to anybody. It was just not my type. Not a very good book Patrick Ness.

  3. This book with it’s dystopian setting was very different which made it easy to read. My favourite character was Todd’s ‘talking’ dog as he was very stupid and made me laugh!

  4. I enjoyed this book, I found the dystopian mood intriguing. I particularly liked the character Todd, and the way in which his relationship with Viola was portrayed. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but of course it does mean that I’ll be reading the sequel!

  5. I liked this book because of the non-stop action and the writer’s intensive writing technique made it a real page turner. The only thing that could be improved is the fact that some bits could be unrealistic to other readers. I would recommend this book to anyone especially fans of dystopia but don’t even think of reading this book if you don’t like being left at a cliff-hanger…

  6. I didn’t particularly enjoy this book, however, I kept going so I could piece together a story plot. It is not the type of book for people who don’t like conflict. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a dystopian landscape and scary books.

  7. I really didn’t like this book due to the fact the start was really miserable and then it started to get even worse. It also kept dragging on in the same way. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Not a good job at all Patrick Ness.

  8. I really enjoyed this book because it is thrilling and scary. It is hard to imagine what life would be like if everyone knew what everyone was thinking. I would recommend this to anyone who likes exciting books that have lots of action in them. I would rate this book 9/10.


  9. This is a fantastic thriller about a young boy named Todd in a land plagued with a strange disease… NOISE! The men can hear each other’s thoughts and all the women are dead. However, when Todd and his dog Manchee stumble across a girl, Todd knows that their lives have been changed forever.

  10. The Knife of Never Letting Go was great, and I felt like I needed a long sit down after I’d finished as it was so action-packed! Todd and Viola are really well developed characters, and I enjoyed seeing how their friendship developed. It’s a great concept for a book, so I’m eager to know what happens further on in the series.
    Miss Lock

  11. Although I have not finished this book yet, I think it is a very good read and am going to keep on reading it.
    It is a made up world where everyone can hear their thoughts: “Noise”, which is very interesting to see what people are thinking and the fact that all thoughts never stop and are always talking over each other.
    There are no females in this story and people don’t get educated properly, so the people in this book are very different from us.
    I like this plot, because without this book, I don’t think I would be able to imagine what a world like this would be like.
    The story doesn’t start off slow, and throughout the book, you learn more and more about what is actually happening and what predicament the characters are in.
    I would recommend this book to other people because it is exciting and has an interesting plot.

  12. I didn’t really enjoy this book, but I had to keep reading, I needed to find out what would happen next. It was that kind of story. If you like dystopia and see life from a half-empty perspective this is the book for you

  13. It is teeth-gritting, a scary book what is realistic. I can’t say it is my favourite book I have ever read but it was one of the most death-defining book I have read. I would recommend it to people who like scary books.

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