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  1. The Empire of the Sun gives us a great in depth experience of life inside the Japanese territory and the great struggles that the Japanese felt during the second world war. I found the book very grim and so wondered if J.G Ballard over exaggerated the facts on the subject but somehow the kept me going until I had finished it.

  2. Empire of the Sun is based on a true story narrated through the eyes of Jim a young boy who finds himself in war torn Shanghai. When separated from his parents and imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp, he learns to survive in a brutal and harsh environment. Empire of the Sun is brilliantly written and is, in my opinion, a great coming of age story. Although long in some places, it is a great page turner and I would 5/5! Felix, Year 9.

  3. In this book J.G.Ballard shows us the world of expatriate Shanghai after the Japanese bombing of pearl harbour. This book is an autobiographical novel with the main character being Jim a young, spoilt, British boy who lives in the concession areas of wartime Shanghai. When war breaks out he lives off snacks and soda water in the abandoned mansions of the European concessions. This is an interesting book for its unique perspective on World War 2. I think this book is well written and its characters are believable. It is a compelling book of war, starvation and survival. Harry, Year 9.

  4. This is quite a good book to read to learn history. It is about a British boy in Shanghai in WWII. It is not a boring book like a history text book but all the facts which are boring are presented in a interesting way. The descriptive words and the exciting story line made the book really good which I liked it.

  5. Empire of the Sun is a brilliant read. Having only read the first few chapters, I’m already gripped. This book really gives you the feel of life in 1941 Shanghai, and it is very interesting. I can’t wait to read more.

  6. I didn’t like this book.I did’t quite understand it.It is a boring book but it is real for me because when I was reading it it brought me into the book.Something made me interesting in the book.This book is realistic.

  7. Beautiful, evocative descriptions in the story provide some relief to the unremitting grim, bleak outlook. I didn’t enjoy this book, but something compelled me to keep reading…

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