The Bubble Boy


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34 thoughts on “The Bubble Boy

  1. This is a very emotional book and this books shows you how life would be like if you had a serious condition like Joe. I would recommend this to all ages to read.

  2. This book is a really really sad book but when I started to read it, my hands could not stop holding the book as the story was intriguing me.

  3. Fantastic suspense towards the end of the book, Amir’s brave actions to see Joe again were truly amazing.
    The breath taking vivid descriptions made my heart thump throughout the entire book, not knowing whether tragedy would occur.
    Joe is a truly amazing boy because of his acceptance of his illness, he is also sensitive because he got quite upset when Beth told him off. Joe is very protective of Amir as Beth wanted to kill Amir, however, Joe took the blame.

  4. This book makes you realise just how fortunate you are to be able to walk out of your front door without having to worry about catching harmful diseases from the air. Joe has always had the dream of being a superhero and, in my eyes, after all he has been through, as stated on the front cover, “Not every Superhero wears a cape.”

  5. This book is extremely touching and hard to put down. I would easily recommend this book to anyone (Adult, Child, Boy, Girl).

  6. This seems like a really, really good and enjoyable book. This is because Joe, the main character in the book, has had a really tough life where both his mum and dad were killed in a car crash. This story is about a boy who is “stuck in a Bubble” and is deprived of any kind of freedom. I would strongly recommend this book to anybody who enjoys reading.

  7. This was a spectacular book. I couldn`t stop turning the pages. This was definalty my type. This was also a very emotinal book. I would recommend this book to anybody. What a fanastic book Stewart Foster.

  8. the bubble boy was amazing. It was so good I couldn’t put it down. I thought it would be a tragedy but it turned out as a happy ending. I liked Amir because he sounded mad but turned out to change Joe’s life. This book was truly emotional

  9. This was probably the most touching and surreal book I have ever read! It kind of hit me in the face, the fact that I am so lucky to just go outside when there are some people who might never be able to do it ever. This book will definatly stop me taking things for granted, even the ability to just go outside! Because of that I think this might just be one of the best books I ever read!

  10. This book was extremely gripping. It made me consider what it would be like to live in a bubble like Joe. It also made me feel how lucky I am not to have the same condition as Joe or even anything like it. Joe was a great character who persevered and stayed happy and Amir was very kind and nice although definitely an interesting character.

  11. I really enjoyed the book I feel miserable for joe as he stays in the same room but he does lots of adventurous things. I highly recommend this book.


  12. I finished Bubble Boy a few weeks ago now, and I still absolutely LOVE it! I can’t stop thinking about what Joe must have been feeling the whole time he was either inside or outside the hospital…

  13. This book is really good, it is full of adventure and it has a very good plot. Stewart Foster is a very good writer because he uses lots of description. This is a very good book so you should read it now without further hesitation.

  14. This really reminded me how much I really have and how lucky I should feel. Despite what people told me of that it would be sad I made me feel happy. I really connected with Joe, “the boy in a bubble”. Anyone that loves books that connect with real life and make you feel good this book is one you should definitely read.

  15. I have now finished Bubble Boy. I have really enjoyed reading it, and I have based some of my homework on that book. My favourite character is Joe. I like Joe because even though he can’t leave his hospital, he has been able to do all sorts things, normal people wouldn’t be able to do.

    Anna x

  16. I really liked this book and it is one of the best books i have read. It must be so sad to be Joe because he has been in one room his whole life. I would recommend this book to anyone as you can never put it down and it has a great storyline.


  17. My name is Ludo

    This book is a really interesting story, showing the disadvantages this boy, Joe has to cope with, but after Amir came I find a lot changed and good and bad happened.

  18. Bubble Boy was a fantastic read, making me realise how lucky we are to be able to just walk out of our houses. I used to take it for granted. I thought this story would end with a tragedy, but I guess I was wrong! This was a very inspirational but heartbreaking book, about all the pains Joe suffers. I totally recommend this book!

  19. I liked the book, however it was quite slow starting and at the start, I didn’t really like it but as the book went on it got more exiting and interesting. I enjoyed the plot and I thought it was really interesting to read about Joe’s story and what it is like to have such a horrible illness. I liked the fact that Joe had so much hope and was really optimistic for someone who couldn’t really leave his room without a full body suit on. It was really inspiring!

  20. Bubble boy is a very good book. It is very inspirational. I cant believe how scary it must be to not know life outside a hospital room. It must be very scary, however Amir is very brave and for me that is the inspirational bit. Every visitor has a massive risk and surely that must reduce the amount of visitors he gets. It must be so lonely and unbelievably frustrating.

  21. The Bubble Boy made me realise how lucky we are, to know that some people can be isolated from the world. The story idea was creative and new, however, the actual writing could have been better. At some instances, I felt as if the story dragged on too much. I ended up reading pages with nothing happening. I also thought that a different approach would be much better. I thought some illustrations would be nice like a map of the hospital at the beginning. And I also found it hard to imagine the characters as we were given very limited information.
    But on the other hand, even though the characters were hard to imagine, I could understand if that was what affect Stewart wanted to create. But I found it more fun to imagine the room since we were given enough information to know what was inside. We all had different ideas what the room looked like, I compared my room with my sister’s. The results were quite different.
    However, the superhero idea caused some controversy. When our group discussed this, we had split ideas. I thought that he deserved to consider himself as a hero as he was trapped in a room. He was kept away from the outside world and I wouldn’t be able to imagine it. But the majority of the group said he lived in the same room for his whole life. He would be used to this lifestyle.
    Overall, I thought this was a good read, it could be better. I would not recommend this as a top read, but it was enjoyable.

  22. I found this book very moving and emotional, especially how Joe had never been outside. This stunning book has changed the way I look at things.

  23. I really loved Bubble Boy and think it is a fantastic book for all ages, boys and girls. It really puts a perspective on our life and how much we should appreciate it. It is also a really interesting thing to read about, maybe you didn’t even know his condition existed, I didn’t. For us being trapped in a bubble would be horrible as we know how amazing the world can be and we feel sorry for him but Joe misses the world, only being able to see it from his bedroom window. For an 11 year old, Joe handles everything so well. He might miss his sister but he knows she has to have a life outside him and stays happy even when he knows things can’t get any better. I really enjoyed the book and it’s characters.

  24. wow! this a book rendered me speechless because it is a memorable, heartwarming and fantastic book. It was one of those books that makes you laugh and cry. The ending really got me therefore I did shed a few tears and I couldn’t believe how powerful this book is and it is one i shall always think fondly of. Reading this book made me think how horrible it would be to be in Joe’s shoes yet he kept his held high therefore I really respect him. I had very high expectations for this book and I must say Bubble Boy was better than I imagined it would be. I recommend this book to all boys and girls.
    Bubble Boy was truly fantastic.

  25. This book was a real page turner, it was extremely interesting to look at life in the perspective of being trapped. I imagined that going outside is normal for us, however Joe would do anything to go outside. This is an emotional book and I recommend for everyone. It’s remarkable that Joe has so many adventures in just one room.

  26. This is an emotion book about a boy who has a life threatening disease and lives in a bubble. It is an emotional but exciting foreshadowing book. I totally recommend you read it and enjoy every minute of it like I did.

  27. It is an emotional and humorous book. Brimming with heart and soul, The bubble boy is a life- affirming story of a boy with superhero-sized dreams who longs for a chance to be brave. It is the best book I have read this year. I would recommend it to all ages.
    The Bubble Boy is just wonderful.

  28. I really enjoyed this book due to the fact it was very emotional but it was in a lot of different ways throughout the book, it was a very deep and moving book as well. A bit of humour as well. I would recommend this book to all boys/girls. This is a fantastic book!!!!

  29. I really enjoyed this book. It was very exciting. Joe was a great idea for a character and I thought that it would be really sad.

  30. Even though I in the introduction of the book, I am really enjoying it so far! I find it quite funny that Amir is really mad and stares out the window talking about aliens.

    I find it very sad that the condition Joe is in is so sacrificial therefore just reading this book shows how much you should appreciate life and live it to fullest. the things we take for granted is what Joe dreams of having therefore and this book really meaningful.

  31. I really liked the book and couldn’t stop flicking the page! I would hate to be in Joe’s postion but he always takes things with a positive mind. I have already recommended it to quite a few people already and would encourage others to take a read of the book too because it really touched me and has shown me how lucky I am.

  32. I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t stop reading! I thought that it would be really miserable but I was surprised how it was so positive. I thought that Joe was truly a remarkable boy, who has to “put up with a great deal”. I would recommend it as a very enjoyable read.

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