Kick the Moon by Muhammad Khan

A powerful, compelling novel from the critically-acclaimed author of I Am Thunder, about making friends, and breaking them too.

Fifteen-year-old Ilyas is under pressure from everyone: GCSE’s are looming and his teachers just won’t let up, his dad wants him to join the family business and his mates don’t care about any of it. There’s no space in Ilyas’ life to just be a teenager.

Serving detention one day, Ilyas finds a kindred spirit in Kelly Matthews, who is fed up with being pigeonholed as the good girl, and their friendship blows the social strata of high school wide open. But when Kelly catches the eye of one of the local bad boys, Imran, he decides to seduce her for a bet – and Ilyas is faced with losing the only person who understands him. Standing up to Imran puts Ilyas’ family at risk, but it’s time for him to be the superhero he draws in his comic-books, and go kick the moon.

Kick the Moon, is Muhammad Khan’s explosive second novel, with original comic-book art from Amrit Birdi, bestselling illustrator of Username:Evie.

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One thought on “Kick the Moon by Muhammad Khan

  1. From comics to a teen’s terrible life, Kick The Moon is a great book that shows how you must stand up to your fears and learn how to defeat them in a hard but rewarding battle. As I read through the story in the simple paper of this book I felt like I had opened a door to a world where you could have no good choices ….. until Illyas showed up. Illyas was a normal boy who tried to help everyone he could, and he did but a few didn’t believe him and his ‘dumb’ comics without the help of the most ‘trendy’ girl in school: Kelly Mathews, a girl who shared the same likes and dislikes that Illyas did except she liked a boy that bullied Illyas. This very small difference between them made them a bit wary of each other but that didn’t really effect their relationship…until something terrible happened…

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