The Seeing


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18 thoughts on “The Seeing

  1. This book is heart-breaking and sad but yet this book has very exciting moments all the time.

  2. I thought that this was a fabulous book I would definalty recoomened this book to anyone who likes reading. I couldn`t stop reading it. Daina Henry what a remarkable book that you have wrote.

  3. I enjoyed the book but thought the ending was a bit rushed and could be clearer because all the tension built up in the book happened in the last ten pages or so. I dislike the character Natalie because she was too controlling of everyone like her brother Phillip and even her best friend Lizzie. However, I liked the character Hugo because he is the one that properly looked after Phillip and made him happy which Natalie was jealous of.

    Overall I think the book is enjoyable and relates to the second world war in an interesting way, as Lizzie and Natalie were only children and they were the ones searching for these so called leftover Nazis. I would give this book 7.5/10.

  4. Contrary to this book’s slow start, I ended up enjoying it and in actual fact, it made me think about the effects of the second world war. It is not an easy book to read because it shows us an alternative dark side to the winning of the war.

    Natalie is disturbed by her childhood which makes her fiery, stubborn and her behaviour very erratic. She doesn’t think that her brother Philip might be staying with her enemy Hugo and so out of blind rage she sets fire to a locked caravan not knowing her brother is inside. This is shocking because Natalie loves her brother and he is the one thing that is stable in her confused life.

    Lizzie is a quiet individual who desperately wants to be friends with Natalie. I liked the contrast of the two different characters. It is very distressing how they want an exciting life now the war had finished. The both experience different lives, Lizzie’s being privileged and Natalie’s being hard and scary. It is a dark book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is not normally something I would choose to read.


  5. I didn’t enjoy this book. One of the main characters, Philip has a second sight and all around him he sees evil – Nazi’s are everywhere seeking revenge. I found the story disturbing.

  6. The seeing was a very gripping book, which I couldn’t stop reading. It was unlike the other stories due to its dark themes which you began to realise the effect of later on in the book. It explores interesting characters such as Natalie, who I saw as a bad person throughout the book because of her driving people away from town and controlling Philip. However at the end of the book I realised what she must have gone through. It also explores the feeling of guilt which is very clearly portraid through Lizzy. The ending of the book though I found the most surprising. It was entirely unexpected but was still extremely sad. Its timing although hinted at by Natalie, was also surprising because it felt like the book was calming down to an ending and then it happened. But overall i Enjoyed the book and its topic.

  7. I found this book was amazing but very dark. I only realised at the end what the ‘bastard uncles’ could have done to Natalie and how broken she really was. I am so confused by Phillip’s seeings as Mr Oliver probably was not a Left Over Nazi but he pointed his finger at him. Some times i wonder if Phillip was just describing different people he had seen and if he just thought it was not ruining other people’s lives. i was so sad about Phillip but also also about Hugo. I can’t believe that Hugo never came back because he was so lovely and nice. This book raised so many questions but i love the book all the same.

  8. I really enjoyed this book. You could feel the tension building up as each chapter progressed and the ending was really dramatic – I knew something spectacular would happen but was still surprised. I also enjoyed the descriptions of Lizzie’s mother who had high aspirations for the family, which was probably understandable after the end of the war. The book is fairly short, so there is still plenty of time to read it before the voting begins and I would highly recommend that you do !

  9. Although slightly confusing at the start, this was genuinely one of the best books that I have ever read. Once I was able to get the gist of things, it was hard to put down!

  10. The Seeing is a gripping novel that shows how children lived after the second world war. I liked how all the characters had their own unique personalities for instance Natalie’s wildness and Lizzie’s innocence. It was interesting to see how Lizzie changes throughout the story and how far Natalie would go to find the Left-Over-Nazis. The book never bored me and ended with a bang.I really enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to many people.

  11. This is an amazing story piled in with loads of things like love,friendship and equity!
    I loved this book, but was a tiny bit confusing at first but thn when you get into it, its amazing. Fantastic job Diana Hendry!!

  12. Evil doesn’t just stop. Lizzie finds this out after she meets ‘the wild one’ … Natalie. Natalie is on a quest to eliminate all LONs – the left-over Nazis.However, as Natalie and Lizzie drift further and further away, Lizzie wonders if Natalie has gone a little too far…

  13. It is an amazing book and a real page-turner. I would definitely recommend this book to people who really enjoy different emotions throughout books. That was a fantastic book thank you Diana Hendry!!!!!

  14. It is an excellent book I couldnt stop turning the pages,at first it was a bit confusing but then i got the twist of it.

  15. The book is really interesting so far because Natalie keeps repeating the fact Lizzie is nearly ready but you don’t know what for and it really hooks you in. Another reason why I like it is because they always go off on adventures which makes you wonder where their next trip will be. It is a real cliff hanger the way Natalie says her brother Phillip has a sixth sense therefore it’s really gripping.

  16. This is a great story, once you get into it. There are many underlying themes of love, friendship and justice.

  17. It is are sensational book to read. It was a little bit confusing at first but then further on in the book it came more understanding. It is definitely one of the best books I have read in a long time. I recommend it to everyone.

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