Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo

MorpurgoOrphaned in World War Two, Arthur is separated from his sister and sent to the other side of the world.  there his extraordinary journey continues as he and his friend Marty survive brutal captivity on a working farm, find a new family with the eccentric Aunty Meg and her animals, and discover their talent for designing yachts.

Sixty years later, Arthur’s daughter Allie sets sail single-handed in a yacht designed by her father, determined to find his long-lost sister in England.  Can family love stretch across time and the vastness of the oceans?  And will the threads of Arthur’s life finally come together?

Blurb from the 2007 edition from HarperCollins


16 thoughts on “Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo

  1. Alone on a Wide Wide Sea is about a boy named Arthur and his life in Australia. He was shipped out there from England as a small boy. I didn’t like this book at all. It didn’t have enough excitement in it for me. I am however generally not a big Michael Morpurgo fan.

  2. I’m currently reading Alone on a wide wide sea, and although it is a very sad book I would definitely recommended it to readers.I have read a lot of Micheal Morpurgo’s books and yet this one is one of his best books.
    Alone on a Wide,Wide Sea is about a boy who gets separated from his family and only has memories of his older sister. After years have gone past he finally decides to go look for his long lost sister. This is just a breif summary of the book.


  3. Despite being a rather sad book with a lot of people dying, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. It is about a orphan boy who is shipped across to Australia in the hope of a better life and is turned into a slave. However the story takes an unexpected turn when he and his friend escape and end up with a kind lady who becomes their Mother.

  4. Jess from Royal Russell School writes: I’m currently reading ‘alone on the wide, wide sea’- Michael Morpurgo. Ive read around 40 pages as so far i’m really enjoying it so far.

    It is about a young boy called Arthur who is being evacuated during WWII and is evacuated off to Australia. He is with his ‘cousin’ Marty which he refuses to get separated from after he tells the unfortunate story that he and his sister get separated. He explains where he is staying, is very hard working. To live with Mr and Mrs Bacon (Mr Bacon also goes along the lines of Piggy Bacon) He doesn’t really enjoy his new home because he always has to work others he will get the belt.


  5. Grace from Royal Russell School writes:
    At the moment I am reading the book Alone on a Wide Wide Sea and so far I am really enjoying it. It is about a boy and how he was brought up, he is now 65 years old and his name is Arthur. Arthur was a orphan but he cant really remember that much about his child hood, all he can remember is that he has a sister called Kitty and she gave him a lucky key that he keeps around his neck. I would recommend this book to people that don’t like action books and more peaceful books.

  6. Sam says

    I really liked this reading this amazing story. As I read through the pages I enjoyed it more and more and it turned out to be one the best of the year! This book was thrilling and I really would encourage others to read it as well.

  7. Velican says
    I went into this book uneasy about it because i don’t normally read these types of books but the book had an instant gripping effect and the story was very interesting and the emotions made me feel like i was actually there. Overall 5 stars

  8. i thoroughly enjoyed this emotional book. Morpurgo describes it so sharp and beautifully, like icing on a cake. I would recommend this to everyone!
    4 stars

  9. I found this book an interesting and sad story. So far this has been my favorite book as it contains a sad story to hook the reader in. The plot was interesting and made me want to read it everyday. Aunty Meg was my favorite character as she was eccentric with animals and designed many yachts.

  10. This book is a truly gripping book with such adventurous chapters. Every section brings a new event, affecting what happens later in the story. Both sections are connected with such a superior plot.
    This book has some sad moments which make you stop and think. How will he go on? Is this the end? Is the story coming to and end? And once in a while you will think about the people who passed away in the story and how it would affect the future.

    This book is one for people who like bravery and suspence. For people who can read a book for hours passing by and still wanting to find out whats next.

    Edouard, Trinity School

  11. Matthew Mace Kingston Grammar School

    I loved this book. gripping story line, read it in a few days I liked it so much.
    Interesting story and nice transition from part 1 to 2. Five Stars.

  12. I found this book very gripping, I am a very slow reader but I couldn’t put this book down!!! Some parts were very moving. It was a very good read as it flows well. You really feel what it must be like at Coopers Station or how it was to live with Auntie Megs. You can really feel how much he and Allie like the sea. Overall I really liked this book and would really recommend it. I rate it four out of five. This Michael Morpurgo fan was not let down!

  13. A rather sad story, but it conveys the sense of the vast oceans and the landscape of Australia. You get inside the characters and can really empathise with the situations that they find themselves in.

  14. I found this book very sad. I’ve never really liked Michael Morpurgo’s stories and unfortunately this wasn’t an exception. I don’t like characters dying in stories, especially a main character and I just found it too real (which can be good in some stories, but for me, not this one).
    What I did like though, was the character Allie as she was determined and courageous. I also liked the setting as it was like a history book but as a story.
    Overall I thought it was OK but it is not one of my favourites.

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