Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

7 thoughts on “Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

  1. Lara in Year 7 writes that Ghost boys was very interesting, and showed things from different perspectives, like Jerome being dead and alive. Carlos was my favourite character because he stood up to the bullies and became a real friend to Jerome. It can be sad, but dramatic at times. It was a great read.

  2. Tulsi 8Q

    This books is absolutely amazing! The book describes how people are treated unfairly and how much inequality we have in our world. The character Jerome takes the reader through how he feels between being Dead and Alive. I highly recommend Ghost Boys. This is an emotional book with wonderful descriptions and settings.

  3. Oscar, 8Q
    I strongly recommend this book, because it’s a very gripping book and it can be quite sad and unfair at some points in the book. One of the reasons it’s sad is because racism is currently a major problem in the United States of America and in the UK This also is very relatable to the tragedy of George Floyd. I like how it switched from DEAD to ALIVE throughout the book, I thought it was very clever. It also touches on the awful Emmet Till story from 1955, and I liked how two people who suffered form awful racism stories from over 60 years apart met in present day, and could relate to each other in some way or another.

  4. Emilie 8Q

    I loved reading this book. It tells the story of a boy named Jerome who was shot at the age of 11. The book tells a story in the perspective of ALIVE & DEAD. The book also tells the tragic story of Emmet Till & discusses about racism in America at the time. I would recommend this book to anyone above the age of 10, due to some of the scenes in the book.

  5. Interesting and enjoyable book!
    ★★★★☆ 4.5/5

    This book focused on the theme of racism, which I think makes it good for young teenagers to make them more aware of what racism is and how severe it can be. The book also gives examples of racism. I enjoyed reading this and I especially liked how the story switched between the main character being DEAD and ALIVE. The book is based on an incident which was related to racism. It also touches on the story of Emmet Till in 1955.

    I would recommend this book for ages 10 and above. It is an interesting and enjoyable book, and I hope that you are convinced to read it.

  6. Charles 8R

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the book ‘Ghost Boys’ as it explores the theme of racism in America. The book touches on the ‘Day of the dead’ and the sad story of Emmet Till. I would recommend this book to any keen reader.

  7. Scarlett-8Q
    I love this book! I really recommend it. It can be quite sad at times since racism is an actual thing in real life. It does mention the story Emmet Till which is very sad but they don’t go into lots of detail about it. I like how it separates the DEAD and ALIVE. I recommend this book and I think people who like drama and action would like it too.

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