Welcome to Nowhere


Twelve-year-old Omar and his brothers and sisters were born and raised in the beautiful and bustling city of Bosra, Syria. Omar doesn’t care about politics all he wants is to grow up to become a successful businessman who will take the world by storm. But when his clever older brother, Musa, gets mixed up with some young political activists, everything changes . . .

Before long, bombs are falling, people are dying, and Omar and his family have no choice but to flee their home with only what they can carry. Yet no matter how far they run, the shadow of war follows them until they have no other choice than to attempt the dangerous journey to escape their homeland altogether. But where do you go when you can’t go home?

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Nowhere

  1. Welcome to nowhere is about people who live I Syria and it is getting bombed. It shows that they will do anything to survive.

  2. Mrs Harris

    I couldn’t put this book down. It is so much more than just a book about a war torn country – it’s about trying to live a normal life when all sense of normality has gone. Children still want to play and be children, adults still need to earn money, feed and clothe their children. You want to make friends and keep away from others. But how do you do that when no day is the same, when routine has gone and you can’t trust anyone you speak to?

    This story ends on a positive note with hope for the future for Omar and his family. But for me, the ending was less important that the story itself. And I can’t help but wonder what has happened to all the other characters in the story who wouldn’t have such a happy ending.

    Enjoy isn’t the right word to describe how I felt reading this book but it was captivating and thought provoking and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone, whatever your age.

  3. Welcome to nowhere is about people who live in Syria and it is getting bombed. It show that they will do anything to survive.

  4. This is not a children’s novel. It is a wake up call to all of us! A refugee is a person just like you or me. The book tells of the terrors of events in Syria and puts you there- it’s not just the incredible writing that makes you want to read on – it’s the feeling of empathy that it creates. But this is no piece of propaganda, this -sadly- is reality to many people across this so-called civilised globe.

    Read this book – then give it to your parents!

  5. Welcome to Nowhere is a thrilling story where war has started in Syria and bombs are falling everywhere. The story is about the journey to the refugee camps in Jordan. I would rate it ten out of ten.

  6. A deeply touching story which gives an insight to how terrible it must be to have to leave your home and be on the move from constant warfare. Syria is not a safe place to be for Omar and his family and this book portrays his journey and the feeling of hopelessness. However, the story is optimistic and inspirational.

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